Musical Adventures

A musical update: life has been slow for me musically in San Diego. I’ve had a few musical adventures withOUT my horn that have hopefully led to the departure of a saxophone FROM my apartment to a VENUE, to play with a group who is called UFO.

It’s slow partly due to my lack of discipline in leaving to go meet and hear and be a part of music in any way. This is mostly because of a distinct lack of employment, steady income of any sort. I wrote about that here.

However, it also partly due to the lack of desireable scene that I can find. Given my complete lack of experience, I’m going to give my take on the scene in San Diego:

There are about 30 old dudes and duderesses, playing music that I play, who are playing all of THESE gigs. I will go see some/most of these people play at some point hopefully. A worthy venture to be certain.

However, there has to be more music happening that doesn’t sound like this:

(as a side note, that guy playing trumpet, is called the “Vibe Elevator.” He had an ad on craigslist that I answered. Subsequently, I listened to that video, and most importantly, this video:

… I ultimately decided that that particular venture was not best suited for my personality. By listening to any of THESE recordings, I’m sure you can venture a guess as to why that was the decision I came to.)

And the conclusion that I’ve come to with regard to “young people” music, is that it is happening in and around the universities. I’ve talked to a few people about it, and it seems like the general consensus is, to the joy of the students in San Diego, and the dismay of 26 year olds from OHIO, that the gigs are sort of contained with the universities. This seems like a great idea, except not for me.

I’m still wondering aloud to those who ask if this is the case, but I have a suspicion, given the lack of information I’ve gathered, that it is. There are some heavyweights out here to be sure. I’m making an effort to hit the “spots” when the heaviest of heavies are playing. I’ll keep the ones of you who frequent these pages updated as to my endeavors.

Good vibes and sunny days from west coast to you. Miss you, cloudy O H.


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