Behold… Matchore ALSO Molotov Trio

According to “Mathcore is a highly technical, very progressive form of metal, metalcore, or plain experimental rock. Think eccentric time signatures, angular melodies, dissonant chords, atypical rhythms, peculiar chord progressions, and just about anything else that would only make sense to a band geek. Example bands: Black Flag, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Converge.”

I think its a little bit short-sighted to insinuate that only “band geeks” will get this music. I think the vibe of the probably makes more sense to me than the rhythmic and metric loopiness and strange chord progressions. I’d much rather listen to Black Sabbath than Black Flag, but I definitely get both.

This is Behold the Arctopus. They’re from Brooklyn. They are super duper sick nasty. The “bass” player plays a Warr guitar, which is a 12-string bass and guitar hybrid that spans from the bottom of the bass range to the top of the guitar range. Dude.

I generally don’t get into stuff like this but for some reason, these guys really light me up. Check them out. They list both Krzysztof Penderecki and Meshuggah as influences. I can dig.

ALSO, check out Molotov Trio, a band comprised of Josh Bryant, Blaine Faherty and Jeff Laser. They are talented, “new classical music” composers and percussionists by trade. They also all went to Grove City High School and 2 of them work at libraries. I don’t know what the third does.

ENJOY. Rock and Roll.


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