David Ornette Cherry and Beautyofmyland

This is David Ornette Cherry.

I had the pleasure of a playing a gig at Hal and Al’s with David last night. We (beautyofmyland) featuring last night the likes of Stan Smith, Roger Hines, Andre R. Scott, Chad Greenwald, bandleader Dairdre Scriven collaborated with Mr. Cherry on three sets of improvised music, featuring some of Cherry’s sketches as well as his playing and ambient soundscapes. It was a blast.

I absolutely love playing with Dairdre. Both because of the musicians she convinces to play with her, and because of her raw and often brutally honest poetry. It may not be music that everyone would be into right away, but if you get a chance to check it out, give a look-see.

Do yourself a favor and read David’s BIO as well as his REVIEWS page. Both say a lot about him and his music. Also, check out his MEDIA. Some of it is weird. All of it is earnest.



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