Not New Music – Paul Desmond, Sheesh

Are you joking me, Paul Desmond? How many awesome things can you do in the exact same vibe? Look at this rundown:

Paul Desmond, alto saxophone
Herbie Hancock, electric piano
Ron Carter, upright bass
Jerry Jemmott, electric bass
Airto Moreira, Bill Lavorgna, João Palma, drums
Gene BertonciniSam Brown, guitar
Don Sebesky, 

I bought this record on a set break with the FJO a yearish ago. NEVER LISTENED TO IT. Until yesterday. Out of this world.

Also, apparently he was addicted to scotch and Pall Malls. I’ve heard but not been able to find an account pertaining to the assertion that he was a jerk.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the rest of this album with a scotch or other whiskey of your choice.


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