Liver Quiver – 90s rock, free-jazz, metal, sadness, bleak worldviews, and “new classical” music are all influences – a songwriting vehicle for the three of us with an emphasis on improvisation and writing for us. 
Aaron Quinn – electric guitar; Seth Daily – drumset; Alex Burgoyne – alto saxophone

Small Songs – In many ways, Small Songs is the synthesis of my musical and creative influences. Haiku (, folk music, 90s rock, and teaching young piano students, combined with collaboration with some of my best friends and oldest musical comrades, Small Songs started as an experiment in off-kilter songwriting, and has turned into a very purposeful expression of the many shades of anxiety, heartache, loss, and joy for the band.

Each song is meant to be a snapshot of a feeling. Sometimes the feeling is big, and sometimes it’s small. Sometimes the snapshot comes from an idea, or from a conversation, or a long, quiet moment alone. But we’re not trying to pull one over on you. Some of the songs are about dogs.
Devin Copfer- voice, violin; Andrew Sais – electric guitar; Josh Bryant – electric bass; Dan DiPiero – drumset; Seth Daily – noisey things; Alex Burgoyne – alto saxophone

Free Jazz Hit Parade -This started as an Ornette Coleman cover band, and has expanded into an Ornette lineage band. It’s full of energy and fun.
Maxwell Button – drumset; John Allen – upright bass; Zakk Jones – electric guitar; Mark Donavan – tenor saxophone; Alex Burgoyne – alto saxophone 

Alex Burgoyne Quartet – “Cool” Jazz standards and non-standards.
Tom Davis – electric guitar; Nate Smith – upright bass; Dan DiPiero – drumset; Alex Burgoyne – alto saxophone

Favorite Daughter – Noisy songs. Standards and freaky-deaky originals.
Caleb Miller – keyboard; Eli Chambers – electric bass; Andrew Sais – electric guitar; Seth Daily – drumset; Alex Burgoyne – alto saxophone

OTHER PROJECTS – Semi-regular gigs as the first string saxophonist in these groups

Insane Jazz Posse (run by Ben Johnson) – Free jazz meets 90s rock

New Basics Brass Band (run by Rob Maccabee) – NOLA inspired Brass-driven funk

Kelly McLennan +5 (run by Kelly McLennan) – The real thing – jazz with a singer (who can scat).

Notchet (run by Kyle Tucker) – Standards and Originals influenced by the late great Chet Baker. Often a trio, sometimes larger.

Circus Of Cool (run by Krista Kitty) – Poetry and jazz, like the hippest cats would do it in the hippest time.

Famous Jazz Orchestra (run by Vaughn Wiester) – 50s big band jazz featuring a Holman and Kenton style book which serves to remind everyone that, “in the 50s, rock and roll was not the only thing going on”

In Full Swing Big Band (run by Kathy and Jeff Harper) – Working big band for hire, playing all the hits

Danny Bauer Quartet (run by Danny Bauer) – MoogBass-led, new-funk, rhythmically adventurous

Ryan Jewell Quintet (run by Ryan Jewell) – Ryan’s tunes, which range from Ornette-inspired to Zorn-inspired to completely avant



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